Jennifer Conrad

Executive VP

Jennifer started her Aloette career after graduating from Mt. Vernon Nazarene University in ‘99. She needed sales experience and figured she could get better skin, too. Little did she know it would be the beginning of a lucrative career. She has been ‘doing’ Aloette at every stage of life; single, married and now a mother of 3. She’s always appreciated being her own boss and setting her own schedule and as time goes on she becomes more grateful for this amazing opportunity at each stage of her life. She gets to be there day in and day out as her family grows and doesn’t have to miss out on the little things.


She has traveled the world in luxury and made lasting friendships along the way with women who start as hostesses and loyal clients and later join the team. As a shy and mostly introverted 20 year old she honestly didn’t think she could do this but she didn’t let fear hold her back and she encourages you to simply try it out, too. She joined for sales experience and a love of the products but stays for so much more.