Heather Tyndall

 Field Executive

Almost 7 years ago Heather joined Aloette for the luxury vacations and lifestyle but has stayed for the flexibility and financial freedom. She started out on this journey as a young insecure girl unsure of her own worth. Now she is a confident woman whose mission is for every woman to know they too are worthy, they deserve the very best and they are loved! 

Heather is now an executive manager and currently ranks as number 3 in the US, wow! This year she is looking forward to focusing on growing her team, Heather’s HotShots and helping her hostesses enjoy the very best and biggest shopping sprees. In May she finally says "I do" to her Fiancé after taking yet another all expense paid vacation with Aloette. She has a passion for sharing the business opportunity and these fabulous life changing products. 


She loves the fact that she gets to call the shots every single day and enjoys being able to work from the comfort of her home with her two best employees by her side, Sarge and Jax. Sarge a golden retriever/Lab mix and Jax a rescue beagle, #furmama.

Dreams really do come true but dreams don’t work unless you do! Why will you Join?